Potato traders buying and selling Markies

Potato Traders Markies


Jeremiah Mwangi is a modern potato trader buying and selling Markies & Destiny potatoes. He visits smallholders in a region and buys the potatoes from their various farms in the fields. Once he has a full truck load, the potatoes are supplied to various medium sized processors in and around Nairobi. His processors demand excellent quality potato for making crisps and chevda, the well-known Indian potato snack. Hence their preferred potato varieties are Markies and Destiny from AgricoPSA. Jeremiah fulfills their demand by supplying them with these varieties.

This case study shows Kenyan farmers – growing Markies and Destiny – have multiple options to gain access to premium markets. First they can chose to supply potato processors directly, for instance by contacting them via modern social media.  A second option for potato farmers is to work together, for instance in a co-operative, and sign a supply contract with a potato processor as a group. A good example of this is the partnership between Simplifine, Yara, Bayer and Co-operative bank that was established recently. Finally potato farmers can also access premium potato markets indirectly, by contacting modern potato traders such as Jeremiah. The only action required for a farmer, is to give him a call and he will take care of transport to the potato processor.  

In other words, all what a potato farmer needs - in order to gain access to the premier league of the Kenyan potato market – is either a social media account, or a pen to sign a contract or simply to dial a phone number. The market demand is present for potato varieties such as Markies and continues to grow rapidly. More and more potato farmers are benefitting.

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