Certified seed potatoes
Grown in Nakuru Kenya
Used all over Eastern Africa

The difference between an average and a high yield:

Agrico certified seed potatoes

Less risk, better quality and proven income increase

Our approach has been developed for potato farmers of all sizes and is aimed at more profit through the use of healthy, high yielding seed potatoes and applying good intensive agricultural practices.

During the past years, we have seen potato farmers improve their average turnover from actually making a loss to a highly profitable business. In these cases, these farmers worked together in a collective, applied intensive agricultural management and invested in:

  • High quality certified seed potatoes
  • Crop nutrition
  • Crop rotation

Agrico PSA not only supplies high-quality seed potatoes, but also provides knowledge transfer and practical training. We work together with farmers and our partners to scale up a sustainable potato value chain in Kenya.  

Value chain Training
Increasing income Kenyan potato farmers

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Thousands of Kenyan farmers are making progress

Manual farmers like Priscilla Ndung'u operated as a group and invested in quality inputs. Watch and listen to her expierence with Agrico seed potatoes.

This enabled such farmers to enter premium markets. A few reasons why premium markets prefer Agrico PSA varieties: longer storability, better processing characteristics, better taste, higher quality and all year round stable supply.

Naturally there is no guarantee in farming, issues such as climate and labour have an influence and potato farming is no exception to this rule. Yet we see - on average - significant income boosts have been achieved by many of our potato farmers, in their own shambas and all across Kenya throughout the year. 

Be a connected farmer (case) List of farmer groups

Kephis certified seed potatoes

Although there are no guarantees in agriculture, the best guarantee for a good harvest and a high yield is high-quality healthy seed potatoes and good expert advice. Experience has shown that our potato varieties increase the net result for Kenyan smallholder farmers.

For Kenya, we have 5 major varieties that match market demands and are suitable for all types of farmers, their specific climate zones, altitudes and other conditions. By getting improved yields through our seed potatoes, farmers can boost their net income.

All seed potatoes from Agrico Potato Services Africa (PSA) are certified by Kephis. Certified seed potatoes means it has been inspected by the Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Services (Kephis), Phytosanitary Services department, both during the growing season and after harvesting.

  • High yield
  • Good variety characteristics
  • High resistances
  • Kephis certified
Varieties Where to buy
Kephis certificate Markies potato
PSA Training

Good Agricultural Practices

Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) are another essential aspect since potatoes are a very sensitive crop requiring maximum care and attention. We therefore ensure a continuous transfer of knowledge and skills from our team to the farmers.

In recent years, we have been training numerous farmers at their location and our Smallholder Potato Centre (SPC) in Nakuru. Improving GAP through the mutual transfer of knowledge and skills will lead to an increase in the profitability of potato farming.
We offer the following training methods:

  • Free video tutorials
  • Training at our farm (SPC)
  • Training on-site

Check Facebook or our training page for upcoming training sessions.

Training Potato value chain

Good local growth

At Agrico Potato Services Africa, good growth is our motto. Good growth entails better research, enhanced varieties, better advice, a more bountiful harvest and greater yields, and this contributes directly to a sustainable, healthy and fair world.    

Local production in Nakuru County
All year round, we produce and supply large quantities of top-quality certified seed potatoes on our farms in Nakuru County. Our seed potatoes are sold to farmers throughout the entire country. Farmers then produce large volumes of ware potatoes and supply the various markets and therefore contributing to Kenya's food security and its Big 4 Agenda.  

For us at Agrico PSA, selling great seed potatoes goes hand-in-hand with intensive knowledge sharing and farmer training.  

Agrico Potato Services Africa
Harvesting potatoes in Kenya
Potato cold store
Farmers World Limited partner
Water reservoir at Agrico PSA
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It's all about potato entrepreneurs!

Agrico PSA is a company that not only sells its seed potatoes, but also helps farmers understand how to use them as well and profitably as possible. My colleagues and I are therefore ready to help you. Whether you want telephone advice, want to place your order for seed or plan on-site training. Just contact us. Karibu.

Constance Chepkorir

Marketing & Sales Assistant
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