Wedgehut chooses Markies for potato processing

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Wedgehut chooses Markies for potato processing

Wedgehut processes Kenyan Markies potatoes into potato chips, wedges, lyonnaise, cubes, and others. Their value addition makes  it convenient and easy to use such pre-peeled & cut potatoes in daily meals for hotels, restaurants, food caterers, schools & institutions, or even for you at home.

Wedgehut is one of the Kenyan potato processing companies from the  Mavuno Zaidi™ program working with Syngenta, supported by the Sustainable Trade Initiative IDH. The goal of this program is to provide 100,000 farmers access to finance in the coming years. Wedgehut is a relatively new potato processor. This shows the program not only supports Kenyan farmers, but it also helps Kenyan entrepreneurs to grow their business.

AgricoPSA visited Wedgehut last August and we shared thoughts on how to further upscale our collaboration. Farmers and / or traders who are interested to supply Wedgehut with Markies potatoes can link up with them via their Facebook page. This is another beautiful example how Agrico PSA and its partners are continuously developing the Kenyan potato value chain. More examples are expected the coming months!

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