Upscaling potato production: more local for local

potato upscaling


In order to fulfill the growing demand for our Agrico varieties, we continue to upscale our potato production in Nakuru region. This upscaling consists of investing in more farming equipment, further increasing our potato acreage as well as increasing the number of staff members. As a result more Kenyans can enjoy potatoes, crisps and chips grown and produced in Kenya, instead of importing these from other countries. In other words: “more local for local”!

One of the key challenges in potato farming is doing all the right things – land preparation, planting, spraying, fertilizing, harvesting, sorting, storing and dispatching - at the right time. The large size of our operations, our different production locations and the fact we are producing year round, puts a high pressure on the availability of the right equipment on the right place at the right time. Meanwhile the demand for our Agrico varieties keeps on growing. More and more farmers and processors from almost all Kenyan counties are eager to adopt our varieties. Delivering the demanded quantities of potatoes in exactly the right time thus becomes even more challenging than it already was.

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''Potato upscaling? Agrico PSA is cracking on!''

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In order to fulfill this growing demand, the decision was made to invest in various new machinery, such as in more tractors, ridgers and planters. Simultaneously we also needed more staff members to operate these machines, to service our growing numbers of farmers in the field and to ensure adequate customer service. Therefor we have also increased the number of our staff members. Finally we have also further increased our seed potato acreage. By having more machines, more people and more land, we upscale our potato production in Kenya. This way we are able to ensure more and more Kenyans can enjoy potato, crisps and chips grown and produced in Kenya. At the same time we lower the imports of potatoes, chips and crisps from other countries. In short: “more local for local”.