Potato policy & climate smart agriculture

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Potato policy & Climate Smart Agriculture

PSA has been supporting the efforts of the Kenyan and Dutch governments in streamlining Kenya’s potato policy framework for many years. Last December PSA hosted visitors from KEPHIS and from the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture. During this meeting we explained our current role in the Kenyan potato value chain. We also shared our view on what is needed to further elevate Kenya’s potato value chain and how a higher share of Kenyan smallholders can benefit from certified seed potatoes.

In addition to sharing views on policy development, we also demonstrated how PSA applies Climate Smart Agricultural (CSA) practices in its daily operations. Elements of which are our drip irrigation infrastructure, our 300 meters deep boreholes and our energy production from solar power needed to pump clean water from these depths. Naturally our Agrico potato varieties are the solid foundation of our CSA practices. A good example is our variety Arizona, with its very high level of heat and nematode resistance.

A few days later we found out that another group of Kenyan stakeholders also appreciates our CSA practices. A herd of friendly elephants inspected our premises in the early morning. After approving our site and potatoes, they continued their journey.

It just shows: potato policy and Climate Smart Agriculture work together nicely in Kenya.

Employee checking drip irrigation at the potatoes
Water reservoir at Agrico PSA