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Njoro Canning Factory, another potato processor who loves Markies

Njoro Canning Factory, amongst other renowned for its Golden Valley range of product, is another Kenyan potato processor who prefers Markies for its frozen potato chips.

At Njoro Canning, food is their passion and they love providing foods which are healthy and convenient to use for its consumers in this fast paced life that we all live in. Over the years its brands have become household names and known for their great taste, convenience and value for money.

Njoro Canning prefers Markies, Kenya’s number one potato chips variety, for producing its Golden Valley frozen chips. And as the packaging says, these are indeed made from the finest Kenyan potatoes! Situated at the heart of the farming hub of the Rift Valley, Njoro Canning not only supplies the Kenyan market with its potato chips, but it also exports these to Uganda amongst others. Although unaware, individual Kenyan potato farmers are thus even strengthening Kenya’s role as exporting nation. Last but not least, Njoro Canning is also revealing consumers the well-kept secret on how to cook the best Masala chips. Another lovely example how we – together - continue to upscale the Kenyan potato value chain, even beyond its borders and from farmers to producers up to Kenyan home chef cooks!

This case again demonstrates the importance of growing the right potato variety: it all starts with a processor who loves Markies.  

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