Tropical heat

Potato Truck Crisp


Tropical Heat’s vision behind Heroes was to create the perfect crisps. By using state of the art cutting techniques, a unique blanching process, high-tech packing systems and layered atmospheric packing, they accomplished their mission. Naturally top quality potatoes have been an important foundation for creating the perfect crisps. Although it is unable to see this from the outside, Agrico PSA’s potato variety Markies is “a hidden force inside Heroes crisps”! Markies is the proud number one for potato chips in Kenya, but this is another prove of its increasing demand by Kenya’s crisping industry.

Tropical Heat was established in 1973 as a small ethnic snack cottage industry. Today, it has become one of the leading manufacturers of spices and snacks in the East African region and its brand Tropical Heat is a household name in Kenya. A strong export base has been built up with exports going to 25 countries, amongst other to Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, DRC, Burundi, UK and the USA.

Tropical Heat is another example how - by growing Markies - Kenyan farmers simultaneously acquire access to two different premium potato market segments.  The potato chips industry requests their large Markies potatoes and the potato crisping industry favors their smaller Markies sizes. Ever since its establishment in 2015, Agrico PSA and Tropical have been collaborating continuously. This partnerships results in off-take demand for Kenya’s potato farmers. We have realized this market demand with our current varieties Destiny and Markies and more demand for our new varieties will follow in the near future!

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