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Potato storability: Agrico potato varieties make a big difference

Potato storage plays a key role in food security. What many people do not know is that choosing the right potato variety has a major impact on storability, as was explained by the CEO of National Potato Council of Kenya, Mr. Kanguongo:

"Majority of the potatoes farmers grow in Kenya today are of the Shangi kind, which has limited storage shelf life, before it starts to sprout…”. 

Agrico PSA has potato varieties with a long shelf life, which boost the potato productivity. Longer shelf life is one of the many aspects that make Agrico certified potato seed varieties unique. After being properly stored for months, they still have an excellent quality. Its long storability also contributes to its high and growing demand across the country.

As a result having access to long storable potato varieties has a big influence on individual farmers’ income and a major impact on food security and Kenya’s overall productivity.

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