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December 2021

Our Technical sales officer Emmy Jerono was in Elgeyo Marakwet, courtesy of FTMA & partners like Bayer , PAFID & Agrico. Emmy hosted a round table session on certified potato seed access with dedicated farmer groups from the county.

WWF-Kenya invited AGRICO PSA and KEPHIS Naivasha to support the training on potato farming and setting up demonstration plots at Mutarakwa, Munyaka, and Kahuruko on the dates stated above.

The officers from the three organizations did a good training as well as educating farmers on how potato farming can change their livelihoods.

Standard's Newspaper and Standard Digital about our company's activities to supply certified potato seed to Kenyan farmers.
Enjoy the read, feel the impact of what we are doing, and share widely. Karibu.

November 2021

Last week we had a great experience in Ainabkoi in Uasin Gishu where a potato field day was organized by Ainabkoi Farmers Cooperative Society.
The theme of the day was availing sustainable market and production technologies for food security and household incomes.

An update of a training visit by Students from the University of Juba in South Sudan to out Potato Centre of Excellence in Nakuru.
The students came to learn about good potato productivity through certified seed and we also taught them about ensuring good agronomical practices are followed.
It was a success. Thanks for coming.

An update from our 'after sales' visits in the fields by our Technical Officer Emmy in North Rift. Emmy visited a farmer in Ainabkoi to look at the progress of the crop in the field. The variety Markies is looking good and doing quite well.
We are hopeful to the end of the season the produce will also be wonderful. Are you in the North Rift and would like to be linked to Agrico certified seeds? Talk to Emmy on 0758925459.

October 2021

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Today, we share about the successful launch of Potato Signals book, targeting Kenyan and African farmers with knowledge transfer on good agricultural practices for potato farming.
Publishing of the book was supported by The Netherlands Embassy in Kenya, for which we say a big THANK YOU!
Read more about this topic by clicking the link!

September 2021

Last week we had a Demo in Enengetia in Narok in partnership with Quipbank Vaell for mechanization planting at Mr Joseph Ngugi’s farm.
One aspect that came out clearly in the discussion about advantage of mechanization was the reduction of labour costs when using machinery. Of course we also discussed about the importance combined mechanization with high quality inputs like certified seed.

Let us look at an update from farmers who have a reason to smile this season; we have a professional farmer in Timau who has been using irrigation for his crop and has managed to get 22tons per acre marketable size on Markies variety. This is definitely very encouraging and we can all do it with the right investment and good management. Look at those yields!

Today we are sharing an update from David Mwaura who has a farm in Ndaragwa.
David is an FSC (Farmer Service Centre) under the FtMA (Farm to Market Alliance).
Together with partners, we planted a demo using on all the Agrico certified seed varieties.

Today let us also look at a Trial harvest by our Agent in DRC, Mr Jean Bosco Manzekele.
The varieties Rudolph and Markies are looking very promising over there, and the farmers in DRC in Lake Kivu region are excited to start trying out Agrico's certified potato seed.

August 2021

Farmers WORLD Limited-Nairobi has been a trusted partner in supplying our certified potato seeds to smallholder farmers in Nakuru region, Nairobi and Muchatha (Kiambu).
We appreciate their ability to support farmers with access to certified seeds, combined with other quality inputs such as fertilizer and crop protection products, as well as technical advise.
From experience we know that farmers are more likely to succeed when they access all quality inputs, and Farmers World is instrumental in achieving the same.
Take a look at the website of Farmers World Limited!

On 23rd July 2021 our partners from National Potato Council of Kenya NPCK in partnership with IFDC organized for farmers' visit to Kinangop fries ltd in Nyandarua.
This is in an endeavour to support farmer groups in accessing good markets for their produce. The interaction with processors enlightened farmers about the preferred quality, sizes and varieties required by the processors and other market outlets.
Some of the 30 groups present were able to strike deals with the company to supply potatoes starting from this season.
The preferred variety for Kinangop Fries Ltd is Markies.

Markies performing very well in the fields in Molo! Thanks through this partnership with VIAZI KINGS and National Potato Council of Kenya farmers got access to certified Markies seed and other quality inputs, being financed by Vision Afrika SACCO Ltd. since they have a guaranteed off take.
Kudos Molo - farmers, we hope for a bountiful harvest.

July 2021

The Netherlands and Nakuru County strong partners - and we as Agrico PSA are one of the beneficiaries!
Read more about the strong partnership between the Netherlands and Nakuru Country in this article!

June 2021

It is great to see potato farmers in Uganda also using Markies certified potato seed from Agrico Potatoes!
Kudos to our neighbours, keep growing good potatoes for better farmer income and food security.

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Potato farming Eldoret

Healthy potato farming in Eldoret

Farmer Benjamin Butuk crop field in Eldoret doing very well. Good Job Benjamin, the field is very clean and looks so healthy.

Last week we announced exploring new territoties, and we went to the South Western part of Kenya.
Here is the evidence:
We undertook planting of a potato demo at mr. Cheromo's farm in Trans Mara, with other farmers present to learn more about potato farming. Partners present were Yara Kenya and Bayer to give support on nutrition and crop protection throughout the season.
Agronomy training was given by our Agrico Agronomist Daniel Mwaura.

May 2021

Contract farmers

Several buyers looking to contract farmers to grow Markies, Destiny, or Manitou

Attention agri-preneurs, here is an immediate opportunity:
We have several buyers looking to contract farmers with at least 5 acres of land, to grow either Markies, Destiny, or Manitou variety for them for regular offtake.
Agrico EA. is happy to link farmers to markets.

NPCK Viazi soko

NPCK Viazi soko app gives access to certified seed

NPCK ViaziSoko app is here to solve accessibility to quality seeds, thanks to National Potato Council of Kenya.
The ongoing booking and ordering of seed potato through the Viazi Soko Digital platform has been able to serve over 300 small holder farmers in various counties to access quality seeds.
The total bags of seeds ordered through the platform since February 2021 up to date is 2,236 bags
Farmers can order seeds for this season (March-August 2021) through NPCK ViaziSoko app, downloadable from Google playstore or Viazi soko web portal

Movie time, again highlighting the work we did at Latia Resource Center Ltd. and Latia Agricultural Resource Center. - Faraja together with input partners Koppert Biological Systems, UPL-Ltd, Baraka Fertilizer and offtakers like Sereni Fries, Krackles Crisps, Njoro Canning Factory (k) Ltd, and others.

Watch the video (duration 10:54) about potato production by clicking on this article!

April 2021

FTMA Nyandarua Markies

FtMA Nyandarua farmer planted Markies, and it its doing very well

Farmer Samuel Kuria FSC (Farmer Service Centre) under FtMA Nyandarua planted Markies variety, and it its doing very well.
Samuel is very happy to be associated with Agrico varieties and will also promote adoption of this 'new' variety among the farmers near him.
Good Job Samuel.

Good progress by Nakuru farmers coming together to supply the market direct with their potatoes, supported by the Farm to Market Alliance program.
And as Agrico EA. are proud to partner with the Cereal Growers Association who coordinates the FtMA program in Kenya, together with Yara Kenya Bayer, Cropnuts_Ag, Farmer Service Centre FSC, National Potato Council of Kenya et al!
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March 2021

Seeds Viazi soko

Farmer receiving the seeds through the NPCK Viazi soko platform

A caption of a happy farmer receiving the seeds he ordered through NPCK Viazi soko platform. The platform is downloadable from Google Playstore or visit the web portal

Farmers World certified potato seeds

Farmers WORLD Limited-Nairobi is now a distributor for the certified potato seeds

Agrico PSA is excited to announce to farmers from Nakuru, Nairobi and Kiambu Counties, that Farmers WORLD Limited-Nairobi is now acting as a distributor for the certified potato seeds.
You can place your orders direct with the Farmers World shops, and will be given a designated day to collect your seeds from their shop in Nakuru town, in Nairobi or in Muchatha (Kiambu).
We hope this move will make it easier for smallholder farmers to access our seed, as well as other essential inputs through the same outlet. Farmers World is also a major stockist of fertilizer products (for example from Yara & Baraka) and crop protection solutions (among others for Bayer & Syngenta).

'Certified potato producer Agrico has mooted a platform [website] where farmers can access vital information about the crop’s farming, aimed at turning around growers’ fortunes.'

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